2023-24 Tour Results

The first Alberta Stick Curling Bonspiel was held at the Ellerslie Curling Club on Nov 4, 2023.

This was the Ron Currie Stick Bonspiel. Thanks to Tiffany Game, Manager of the Ellerslie Curling Club  for hosting this event.

Sixteen teams competed and each team played three games.  Two teams went undefeated in the event.
Al and Glenys Edwards of St. Albert beat Jeff and Sandy
Kaufman of St. Albert  in one A Final.  Bob Pisatcky and
Ken Fedoruk of Grande Prairie defeated Dale Milton and Geoff Stickle of Ellerslie in the other A final.

The St. Albert Curling Club on Nov, 12, 2023 held the second Stick Bonspiel on the Tour.

Twenty-two teams each played three games in a “stakes” spiel.  Each team started with $32.  Four teams went undefeated in the five pools and tied for 1st place with $84 each.

The four undefeated teams were

  • Randy and Ruby Olson, St. Albert
  • Tom Steele , Rod Chmiliar, St. Albert
  • Rick Jenkyns , Don Kuchelma, St. Albert
  • Greg Gross, Jamie McNamara of Leduc

The Leduc Curling Club held a “Stakes” Spiel  on Dec 2.  Randy and Ruby Olson finished first, Stan Schneider & Ken Powell finished second,  Jeff and Sandy Kaufman and Greg Gross and Al Clement tied for third place.

The Crestwood Curling Club held a pay as you win Stick Bonspiel on Dec 9th.  Rick McKague and Reg Reinhardt of the Crestwood defeated Stacy Burzminski and Irv Yaremko of St. Albert  in the A event final.  Randy and Ruby Olson and Ed Willson and Ed Cliff were the semi-finalists.

The Legal Curling Club hosted a Stick Bonspiel on Dec 28th.  Thanks to President, Norm Rivard for hosting this event.  Two teams went undefeated, Terry and Mira Fenton and Brian and Kathy Durstling. Third place was Ruby and Randy Olson and two teams tied for fourth place – Denis Fitzgerald / Frank Vollmer, and Dan Rivard / Darcy Bisson.

The final tour event was held in Grand Prairie on Jan 27. Bob Pisatcky and Ken Fedoruk of Grande Prairie defeated Mike Bain and Dennis Haugli of Grande Prairie in the final. Third place – Randy and Ruby Olson of St. Albert tied with Henry Rose and Morley Erickson of Grande Prairie.

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Congratulations to Randy and Ruby Olson of St. Albert for winning the 2023-2024 Tour championship.