2019 Stick Championship – Sponsorship Agreement

The 2019 Alberta Stick Championship will now become the 2019 Alberta Christenson Communities Stick Championship. A sponsorship agreement is now in place and shown in the photo is Kendra Kozakewich, Marketing Coordinator of Christenson Communities and Randy Olson, President of the Alberta Stick Curling Association.
Christenson Communities becomes the title sponsor of this event. Visit Christenson Communities for more information.

6 Ender Pins Available

Canadian Stick Curling 6 Ender Pins are now available from the Alberta Stick Curling Association. If your team has achieved this milestone, send a picture of the six ender to Alberta Stick Curling Association and we will provide your team with these pins.

6 Ender

Tony Van Brabant and Norm Rivard scored a 6 ender today, November 20th at the St. Albert Seniors Tuesday 9:00AM stick league. Tony made a triple takeout on his last rock to score the 6 ender. The opposition team was Pat and Ed Beeching.